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1 twin is not learning as fast as the other
07/24/2010 at 13:27 PM

I have twin girls who will be 4 near the end of the year. I have noticed one is more advanced than the other when it comes to her colors and letters. She seems to piggy back off her sisters answers and gets very nervous when she is forced to do it alone. what can i do to help her?

First, do not compare her with her sister. Everybody, twin or not, comes with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Second, enrich the environment. Have lots of toys, books, go on lots of outings, spend time reading to each girl separately as well as together, have dressups and props for imaginative play (playing store and house and doctor and mechanic and restaurant and . . .) lots of art materials, . . . Third, give her more time to respond. I've had to teach the 5 year-olds in my church class to wait until Owen has given his answer. He figures things out just fine, he's just a little slow to express himself--maybe shy, He just needs more time. You may have to teach her sister to give this little girl a chance to respond.

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I have identical twin boys. They are 7 now. They differ on almost anything. Size, weight, reading level, soccer skills, handwriting skills. We call it learners' individual differences. Dana 1st grade teacher

Its ok their learning speed may differ .