Tuesday’s Tip: Quick Taco Filling

January 24,2012
Sweet Pea Chef
Jessica Efird( )

Jessica, aka the Sweet Pea Chef, is a former U.S. Senate staffer/weekend gourmet turned full-time mom/family gourmet. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and two sons.

A very quick and easy tip for this week’s Tuesday’s Tip, one that will help you get the Refried Bean Tacos from yesterday’s post to your table even faster than fast.   Here is the post, in case you missed it.

This easy, super-fast recipe uses fresh, ready-to-eat ingredients to make a quick taco dinner.  But did you notice something unique in my picture I posted yesterday?  Check out the taco on the left, at the bottom of the shell:

The taco shell is broken, but not by mistake, but on purpose.  I’ll tell you why:  it is hard to stuff a taco shell without breaking it.  But when you use ingredients like guacamole and refried beans, you can easily break the taco shell in half at the bottom, and then layer on your ingredients on one side like this:

The beans and guacamole hold the taco together, and you have a fun way to get the toppings in the taco without trying to finagle them in with a spoon and other utensils.

So my Tuesday’s Tip is this:  when using taco ingredients that can act as “glue,” such as guacamole, refried beans, sour cream or even cheese if it is melted, don’t worry about the taco shell staying together.  Crack in half, and fill up your taco shell in half the time with half the hassle!

Life is sweet,