Tuesday’s Tip: Make Dough Ahead

December 13,2011
Sweet Pea Chef
Jessica Efird( )

Jessica, aka the Sweet Pea Chef, is a former U.S. Senate staffer/weekend gourmet turned full-time mom/family gourmet. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and two sons.

Today some good friends are coming over to make Christmas Cookies.  With 4 kids, including a toddler, we will have to have our ducks in a row to make sure the cookie-making doesn’t get too out of hand.

For today’s Tuesday’s Tip:  I share my favorite tip I gleaned from my friend Camille.  Instead of trying to undertake the massive cookie-making process all in one day, split up the work!

To help with today’s cookie-arama, I made our favorite gingerbread dough a couple weeks ago.  In the stillness of my house, I made a large batch of the dough.  Once it was mixed, I divided the dough into quarters and got 4 pieces of waxed paper ready:

Wrapped each quarter of the dough in wax paper:

Then placed the dough batches in a freezer bag, sealed them up, and stuck them in the freezer:

So today, I brought the dough to the fridge, where it will be ready to roll out and cut into shapes!

Life is sweet,