G’s First Real Recipe

March 04,2011
Sweet Pea Chef
Jessica Efird( )

Jessica, aka the Sweet Pea Chef, is a former U.S. Senate staffer/weekend gourmet turned full-time mom/family gourmet. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and two sons.

If you have multiple children, you know the truth of this statement:  “Monkey See, Monkey Do.”  This could not be truer with R and G.  G reveres R in many ways and I do my best to make sure the love and respect go both ways with the boys.  But since R is the older brother, I am quite sure that in many circumstances, G believes R is pretty hot stuff.

I shared yesterday R’s first real recipe, his creation of an egg, potato and bacon dish.  R and I actually made this on New Year’s Day, when we were watching college football games with my parents, SPH and G.  And so, when R presented his dish, cut into wedges for easy sharing, for everyone, it wasn’t too long afterward that G declared, “I have something I want to make too!”

It just so happened that G’s Grandma Sheri and Papa had just given him a book for Christmas that featured one his favorite characters making fruit skewers.  With this book fresh in mind, G declared that he would be making fruit skewers for us.  Thankfully, we just so happened to have skewers on hand in our kitchen and plenty of fruit, making it very easy to accomplish G’s cooking goal.

After some peeling, slicing and dicing, I carefully supervised G skewer pieces of fruit.  It was fun for him to customize each skewer with a family member in mind.  We even worked on patterning as he repeated apple, pineapple, mango on one skewer.  Once the skewers were complete, he too had his opportunity to present his creation:

This was one case of G following his brother R’s footsteps in a fun and rewarding way.