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My affair

November 14,2008
Talia's Blog
Talia Rivera

Talia Rivera is a 33-year-old mother of two. As Executive Director of Villages without Walls, she works with high-risk gang members in Boston. [Read more]

Every day I spend time with him. Sometimes I wait until everyone is downstairs, and then I play with him. My husband yelled for me; he asked me to come downstairs with the family. They were watching the Boston Celtics play the Denver Nuggets. I lied. I told him, “I’m not a Celtics fan.” He is the first thing I think of in the morning, and the last thing on my mind at night. This afternoon my husband insisted that I stay away from him. “He knows,” I thought. My husband wanted to use him. I was slighted and snubbed. He spent the whole day at home; he could have used the laptop then. I realize that my husband is jealous of my relationship with our laptop.