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"The Brady Bunch"… to die for

October 09,2009
Talia's Blog
Talia Rivera

Talia Rivera is a 33-year-old mother of two. As Executive Director of Villages without Walls, she works with high-risk gang members in Boston. [Read more]

Get in the tub, my mother said. Before I did I inspected the bottom of my feet. My feet ain't dirty, I yelled. Get your ass in the tub, my mother said. But... Get in the tub, she said again. I turned on the bath water and waited for the tub to fill up before I got in. I went into the kitchen to get the dish detergent. I used the dish detergent to make bubbles. The tub was full; I got in. I was upset because I wanted to watch the Brady Bunch. I just had to watch the Brady Bunch. I watched the Brady Bunch every day at five o'clock. I got out of the tub, dripping wet. I tip toed pass my mothers bedroom into mine, unplugged my 19' black and white television. I lugged it to the bathroom. I plugged it in. I don't remember what happened next. When I woke up I was lying on my bed. My mother was standing over me. What happened, I asked? You were electrocuted. I looked at my hands. They both were black. What time is it, I asked my mother. Did I miss the Brady Bunch?