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Shamrock Door Hanger

March 14,2010
Craftivity Corner
Allison McDonald

Allison McDonald is a former preschool teacher who now spends her days learning with her 3-year-old son and baby daughter. She lives in the Seattle area with her husband and two children.

This is a cute craft that is fun for a wide range of ages, which is always a good thing. Door hangers are a fun way to decorate for a holiday without poking any new holes in your walls. 1. Gather your materials. You will need some cardboard ( cereal boxes are my favorite), some glue, some dried green lentils, a green crayon, tape, scissors, and a gold pipe cleaner. 2. Start by drawing a shamrock on your cardboard. 3. Color your shamrock. 4. Add glue along the outline of the shamrock. 5. Pour your lentils on. 6. Shake off the extra , but not right away or the glue will smear. 7. Cut out when dry and tape the pipe cleaner on the back.