Potato Games, Green Desserts & More Ideas for a Kid-Friendly St. Paddy's Day

March 06,2014
Erin Dower( )

My grandfather (still jigging at age 92!) is 100% Irish-American, and I have many fond memories of fun St. Patrick's Days past with my crazy relatives. (One of my uncles used to hand out potatoes to trick-or-treaters on Halloween... to give you a sense of the kind of relatives I'm talking about!) 

While the adults in my family have always enjoyed the occasional beer or pub visit, St. Patrick's Day was always a mellow and meaningful holiday spent at home, with a delicious spread of meat 'n' potatoes, Celtic music in the background, and even an Irish sing-along some years ("The Wild Rover" is a personal favorite). It was very fun and kid-friendly (despite singing songs about spending "all me money on whiskey and beer!"). 

So whether or not your last name begins with an "O apostrophe," check out these 7 fun St. Patrick's Day activities appropriate for your little leprechauns. I bet you a pot o' gold they'll love having a potato hunt (think: Easter egg hunt but with small potatoes), baking Irish soda bread, jigging to Celtic music, and slurping down homemade green milkshakes (no need to hit the drive-thru for those!).

Sláinte! (Cheers, to your health!)

Erin Dower is an associate editor at familyeducation.com. She can be reached at erin.dower@pearson.com.