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Meaning and Origin of: Paris

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First name origins & meanings:

  • English : The city
  • French : Place name: Paris, France
  • Italian : Lover
  • Greek : A character in mythology

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Last name origin & meaning:

  • French, English, and German : from the medieval personal name Paris, which is actually an Old French variant of Patrice (see Patrick), but which became associated with the name of the Trojan prince Paris in Homer’s Iliad.
  • French, English, and German : habitational name from the French city of Paris or a nickname denoting someone who had Parisian connections, for example through trade.
  • Catalan (París) : from a reduced form of the personal name Aparici, which was given to children born on the Feast of the Epiphany, 6th January (see Aparicio).
  • Hungarian (Páris) : from the personal name Páris or Párizs.
  • The first bearer of the surname Paris documented in North America was in fact from Paris; he is recorded in 1668 in Quebec City. Another, from the Gascon region of France, was at Chambly, Quebec, in 1671, with the secondary surname <xref>Champagne</xref>. Others came from Normandy, France.

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