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Meaning and Origin of: Kimberley

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First name origins & meanings:

  • English : Leader
  • Old English : Land belonging to Cyneburg; royal fortress; meadow
  • Old English : Land belonging to Cyneburg; royal fortress meadow

Last name origin & meaning:

  • English : habitational name from any of three places so named, in Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, and Norfolk. The one in Nottinghamshire, Chinemarelie in Domesday Book, is ‘woodland clearing of Cynemǣr’, from an Old English personal name composed of the elements cyne- ‘royal’ + mǣr ‘fame’, with lēah ‘clearing’. The one in Warwickshire, recorded in 1311 as Kynebaldeleye, is ‘Cynebald’s clearing’ (see Kemble). The one in Norfolk, Chineburlai in Domesday Book, is ‘Cyneburh’s clearing’ (see Kimbrough).

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