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Meaning and Origin of: Ken

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First name origins & meanings:

  • Celtic : Ruler of the valley
  • Celtic : Ruler of the valley
  • Gaelic : Helmeted chief
  • English : Royal obligation
  • Irish : Handsome
  • Scottish : Good-looking, fair
  • English : Dignified
  • Gaelic : Blond-haired

Last name origin & meaning:

  • English : habitational name for someone from either of two places named Kenn, in Devon and Avon, both of which take their name from the streams on which they stand.
  • English : from Anglo-French ken, chen ‘dog’ (Old French chien), possibly applied as a nickname or as a metonymic name for someone who kept hunting dogs.
  • Perhaps also a respelling of German Kenn, either from a short form of the personal name Konrad or a habitational name from Kenn, near Trier.