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Meaning and Origin of: Jean

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First name origins & meanings:

  • Scottish : God is gracious
  • French : Form of John

Last name origin & meaning:

  • French : from the personal name Jean, French form of John.
  • English : variant of Jayne.
  • A Vivien Jean, recorded in Canada in 1681, was also known as <xref>Vien</xref>; some descendants adopted that surname and are now called Vien or Viens. Another Jean, from the Saintonge region of France, is documented in Quebec City in 1655 with the secondary surname <xref>Denis</xref>. Other secondary surnames associated with this name include <xref>Laforest</xref>, Godon, <xref>Tourangeau</xref>, <xref>Vincent</xref>, and Pierrejean.