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Meaning and Origin of: Blain

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First name origins & meanings:

  • Gaelic : Lean
  • Old English : Source of a river
  • English : Source of a river
  • Irish : Thin, lean

First name variations

Last name origin & meaning:

  • Scottish : Anglicized form of the Gaelic personal name Bláán, a diminutive of blá ‘yellow’. This was the name of an early Celtic saint.
  • Scottish : shortened form of MacBlain.
  • Scottish and northern English : nickname for a person suffering from boils, from Middle English blain ‘blister’, ‘pustule’.
  • Variant of Blin, a reduced form of French Belin. Possibly also a reduced form of Abelin, a pet form of Abel.
  • A Blain or Abelin from the Saintonge region of France is recorded in Contrecoeur, Quebec, in 1681. Lajeunesse is documented as a secondary surname in 1721.