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Sleep Disturbances

Night terrors and fear of the dark can be serious sleep problems, even at a very young age.

15 Books to Help Kids Overcome Their Fears

Childhood can bring a lot of phobias and anxiety — fear of the dark, or thunder, or monsters, or going to the doctor, or the potty, or school, or the dentist... Eek! So here's a list of great children's books to help kids cure their inner worrywart and rest easy. Looking for more? Use our Book Finder tool to search for new books for kids of all ages! read more

8 Essential Products to Help Babies & Toddlers Sleep

Are you struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night or to get your toddler to fall asleep (and stay asleep!) at bedtime? Check out these helpful and soothing sleepy-time products that some other parents swear by. read more

Are Nightmares Possible Before the Age of One?

The chances of a child younger than one year being woken up by what we term nightmares are slim to none. read more

Dealing with Night Terrors

Night terrors tend to subside as your child gets older, without any medication. It's uncommon for night terrors to reoccur frequently or for long periods of time. Your son's pediatrician may suggest management options, if needed. read more

Dealing with Your Toddler's Sleep Disturbances

Dealing with Your Toddler's Sleep Disturbances Q-tip Many bedtime routines can be applied to naptime. But going to sleep when the sun is shining is different from going to sleep at night. You can give your child a naptime sleeping bag that she can plop down on the couch, on your bed, or even on the floor when it's naptime. If you try to make naptime a special time for your child, she may even lie down willingly. read more

Four-Year-Old Won't Sleep in His Bed

Transitioning from the family bed to sleeping in your own bed in another room can be and usually is a major adjustment for a youngster. read more

Head Banging

A pediatric neurologist or a doctor who treats childhood sleep problems should evaluate your seven-year-old. read more

Nearly Four but Won't Sleep on His Own

The parent of a four-year-old is advised how to help her child learn to go to his own bed and fall asleep on his own. read more

Night Terrors

Based on your child's age (27 months), it sounds as though she is having only a mild sleep disturbance. read more


You never know what might give your child nightmares, but the solution is constant encouragement. read more

Nightmares or Night Terrors

Find out the difference between night (or sleep) terrors and nightmares, which are two separate parasomnias (sleep disturbances). read more

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Phobia Quiz: Part Three

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Phobia Quiz: Part Two

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Tips to Skip Bedtime Struggles

Keep bedtime tear-free. Find a routine that fits your lifestyle and advice to get your toddler or child to bed smoothly. read more

Toddler Screams Before Bed

A toddler's refusal to go to sleep is a very common sleep problem. read more

Toddlers and Nightmares

Toddlers and Nightmares Q-tip Don't bother trying to cure your child's nightmares by wearing him out to the point of exhaustion during the day or by feeding him a big meal before bed. Overexhaustion or an overly full stomach will cause more restless sleep, not more peaceful sleep. read more

Two-Year-Old Having Night Terrors

Night terrors happen when a child (usually a toddler) arouses from a deep sleep without totally waking up. The best thing to do is try to keep your daughter asleep. read more

What to Do About Night Terrors

Night terrors may seem like nightmares, but the child is actually in a stage of sleep where she does not dream at all. read more