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Crying Baby

If only they could talk! Sometimes there is no greater (or more frustrating) mystery than that surrounding a crying baby. Use this advice to help soothe him (and your nerves).

Can Crying Cause a Hernia?

A mother fears that allowing her baby to cry for longer than five minutes might cause a hernia. read more


ColicEvery baby cries for no obvious reason at some point. You may put down persistent crying to simple gas, but if you child's crying jags persist day after day and start in late afternoon or evening, then colic is probably culpable. read more

Colicky Baby

Learn the best way to handle a colicky baby. read more

Every New Parent's Nightmare: Colic

Every New Parent's Nightmare: Colic Q-tip Your baby does not have colic if one of the following is true: read more

How to Use a Baby Bjorn Carrier

How to Use a Baby Bjorn Carrier Baby wearing is very popular these days, and a great way to get things done while keeping baby close and calm. read more

Methods for Soothing Your Crying Baby

Methods for Soothing Your Crying Baby Unless your baby is crying because she is hungry or tired, you can try a number of different methods to soothe her. Rocking motions are very calming. Hold your baby close while rocking-about one rock per second seems an ideal speed-in a rocking chair. Walking with your baby in your arms also provides her with the sensation of rocking. Do vigorous knee bends while holding your baby. Gently bounce her up and down in your arms. Or ask her to slow dance with you. read more

Treating Colic

Parents need lots of teaching and support in dealing with colic. read more

Why Is My Baby Crying?

Why Is My Baby Crying? Crying is your newborn baby's primary means of communication. Babies do not cry, as your grandmother might say, "just to exercise their lungs." Whenever your baby is not crying, you can generally assume that he doesn't need anything. Whether he is asleep or awake, silence usually signals contentment. But when he needs something, your baby lets you know in the only way he can: He cries. read more