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Some families choose to all sleep together in the same bed. Learn about the pros and cons to see if co-sleeping is the right choice for your family.

Attachment Parenting

Attachment ParentingThe term, attachment parenting, is attributed generally to pediatrician and author (The Baby Book, Nighttime Parenting) William Sears. Although there is no clinical definition of attachment parenting, this parenting orientation/style focuses primarily on noticing, appreciating and satisfying children's needs, especially the needs of babies and young children. read more

Daughter Won't Sleep Without Dad

What can be done once a father has created an inappropriate bedtime ritual? read more

Four-Year-Old Won't Sleep in His Bed

Transitioning from the family bed to sleeping in your own bed in another room can be and usually is a major adjustment for a youngster. read more

Getting a Child to Sleep in Her Own Bed

Our expert provides advice on helping a child make the transition from her parents' bed to her own. read more

Mom Sleeps with Kids

A father seeks advice on how to put an end to his children sleeping with their mother. read more

Sharing a Bed

You'll find differing opinions on the appropriateness of a child sleeping in his mother's bed. read more

SIDS and Co-Sleeping: Debunking the Myths

SIDS and Co-Sleeping: Debunking the Myths Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the sudden and unexpected death of a seemingly healthy infant during sleep. Although the exact causes of SIDS are largely unknown, a recent study released by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found over half of SIDS cases occurred while the baby was co-sleeping with an adult or another child. Of those deaths, many occurred in a potentially hazardous environment, such as in a bed or on a sofa with an individual who had recently used drugs or alcohol. read more

The Family Bed: Is It for You?

The Family Bed: Is It for You? The family bed, where everyone sleeps not only in the same room but in the same bed, has worked for generations of babies in other cultures. Although this practice is less common here, some parents find it very practical. If your baby still wakes several times a night for food or comfort, for example, you may find it easier to keep her in the same bed with you. For this reason, a family bed makes the most sense when your baby is very young and still feeding around the clock. read more