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Little people, lots of stuff! Navigate your way through the sea of endless baby products with these tips.

A Guide to the New Rules of Parenting: Why Babies Can't Sleep on Their Stomach and More

Parenting practices, trends, and tools are always evolving. If you're an expectant mom or grandparent who's more familiar with parenting trends from the disco era, use this list to catch up on today's written and unwritten rules of raising a baby. From the latest equipment safety guidelines to new feeding and sleep recommendations, quite a few things have changed in the past few decades! read more

AAP Issues New Car Seat Guidelines

AAP Issues New Car Seat GuidelinesIn the April issue of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now recommends toddlers be kept in rear-facing car seats at least until the age of 2, with smaller children remaining that way for even longer. Children should not be turned around to front-facing until they exceed the height and weight limit as recommended by the seat's manufacturer. read more

Baby Gear and Play Essentials

Baby Gear and Play Essentials When it comes to baby gear, the old saying is true: the smaller the baby, the bigger the stuff. So how do you decide what to buy? read more

Baby Hates Crib

Find helpful tips on how to get a child to sleep in his crib. read more

Baby Jogger City Mini Deluxe Double Stroller Review

Baby Jogger City Mini Deluxe Double Stroller Review The City Mini Deluxe double stroller is a fantastic choice if you have twins or babies close in age, like I did! read more

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Review

Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Review I've used the same strollers through all five of my babies, but when I was recently introduced to the Baby Jogger City Mini it was love at first sight! read more

Basics of Car-Seat Safety

Basics of Car-Seat Safety Although there's a lot to know about the proper use of car seats, the most important things to remember are: Safety Savvy To receive free materials on child passenger safety from the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, call 800-441-1888. read more

Best Sun-Safety Practices for Babies

The sun's UV rays can be damaging year round, even when it is cloudy or cold, and your baby's thin skin burns much easier than an adult's does. Follow these sun-safety practices for babies to ensure your little one stays safe in the sun throughout the year. read more

Car Seat and Booster Seat Safety for Kids

New car seat guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend children remain rear-facing until at least the age of 2, maybe longer. Find out how to make car safety a priority, especially if your child is young enough to be in a car seat. read more

Chicco C6 Stroller Review

Chicco C6 Stroller Review I've seen a lot of lightweight strollers, and for my money, the Chicco C6 is a great option without too many bells and whistles. read more

Choosing Age-Appropriate Toys for Your Baby

Choosing Age-Appropriate Toys for Your Baby During your baby's first two months, she doesn't need or want any toys. Your baby won't even discover her own hands until she's about two months old. Your baby may instinctively clutch a toy that you put in her hand, but she can't really play with it. She may enjoy looking at a plaything or listening to it, but she'd much rather look at and listen to you. read more

Choosing Appropriate Toys and Games for Your Toddler

Choosing Appropriate Toys and Games for Your Toddler Your child will, of course, not spend all of his time watching television and reading books. If you decide to limit your child's TV time, you will need to engage him with other toys and activities. Here are some ideas: read more

Choosing Appropriate Toys for Your Baby

Choosing Appropriate Toys for Your Baby Today's toy stores offer thousands of products from which to choose, and that's just in the newborn and infant aisles. Unless you want to turn your home into a toy store, you need some criteria to help narrow the field. Here's what to look for: read more

Correctly Installing and Using a Car Seat

Correctly Installing and Using a Car Seat Believe it or not, four out of five car seats are used improperly. This estimate by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is derived from the results of numerous checks conducted by safety experts at supermarkets, shopping malls, and other locations. A 1999 study by the National SAFE KIDS Campaign of 17,500 child seats presented by parents at safety-check events found 85 percent were used incorrectly. read more

Crib and Bed Safety

Crib and Bed Safety Hand-me-down clothes may be okay but second-hand cribs often aren't. More infants die every year in crib mishaps than with any other nursery product. Cribs made before the federal government issued mandatory safety standards in 1973 will likely be unsafe. Additional voluntary standards were adopted by manufacturers in 1992, so it's best to use one made after that time. When you shop, look for a crib with a JPMA certification seal. read more

Drop-Side Cribs Banned Due to Safety Issues

Drop-Side Cribs Banned Due to Safety Issues Amidst numerous recalls, safety concerns, and reports of 37 infant deaths between November 2007 and April 2010, the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has voted unanimously to ban drop-side cribs. The new ban will likely take effect by June 2011, and will prohibit any drop-side cribs from being manufactured or sold. read more

Favorite Baby Toys

Favorite Baby Toys In the last half of his first year, your baby will still enjoy many of the toys he enjoyed during the earlier half of the year. The best toys for this age are those that illustrate the principle of cause and effect in fun ways. These toys respond with sound or movement when your baby does something to them. Popular cause-and-effect toys include: read more

Finding Safe Toys

Read toy labels for age and safety recommendations. read more

How to Set Up a Pack 'N Play

How to Set Up a Pack and Play A Pack 'N Play is a great item to have for travel and as a safe place for baby to play. read more

How to Use a Baby Bjorn Carrier

How to Use a Baby Bjorn Carrier Baby wearing is very popular these days, and a great way to get things done while keeping baby close and calm. read more

Infant Car Seats

A conventional infant car seat is recommended over the new, built-in car seats. read more

Infant Doesn't Like His Crib

Read what our expert recommends for a baby who dislikes his crib. read more

Infants in Car Seats

Find out how long a child should be kept in a rear-facing car seat. read more

Is There a General Car Seat Law?

It is a federal law that infants and children must ride buckled in car seats or seatbelts that have been properly installed and are used properly. read more

Maclaren Volo Stroller Review

Maclaren Volo Stroller Review Strollers are one of those things you have to give some serious thought to when buying baby gear. read more

Pink, Blue... and Green: Keeping Your New Baby Earth-Friendly

You want your baby to grow up in an environmentally secure world. Here are some of the steps you can take to help raise your kids in a green environment. read more

Recent Children's Product Recalls

Children's products are periodically recalled for healthy and safety reasons. When it comes to your kids' safety, the best defense is to stay informed. Here's a look at some of the most recent product recalls, as well as ways you can stay on top of safety issues as they occur. For the most up-to-date recall information, visit our Children's Product and Toy Recalls page. read more

Safe Highchairs

Safe Highchairs The key to safe use of a highchair is to get one with both a waist strap and a strap that runs between the legs—and then to always use both of them. Falls from highchairs often happen when a child stands and topples out. Others slide out under the tray, and some kids have strangled on the waist strap or when their heads were trapped between the tray and the seat. read more

Safe Playpens and Portable Cribs

Safe Playpens and Portable Cribs Watch Out! Even though the typical use of a playpen is to confine the baby while you're busy, don't leave him alone there. Whether he's inside or out, your baby could crawl or roll into the pocket that forms when the side is down and suffocate. read more

Staff Favorites: 20 Essential Products for Baby's 1st Year

The FamilyEducation staff is made up of moms and dads like you, always on the lookout for the best products for our kids. We've come up with a list of the must-have baby products that have been essential to our young families — everything from "miracle" blankets to fun first toys. We're sure you'll like them too! read more